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30 December

The Cloud – Why you should not allow fear to stop YOU!

What is ‘the cloud’?

Why is it so popular?

When you hear the term the cloud it is really a fancy way to say ‘online’.

Just as you would save your photos, files or software on your desktop or laptop at home, the cloud empowers you to save all your data online—ensuring you have access to that information anytime, anywhere from your smartphone, laptop, public library or an internet cafe.


Okay, where does the data go, then?

Your data lives online in the cloud, to access the data you use the internet.


How secure is the cloud?

You might be surprised that it’s actually more secure than on your laptop or computer. Why, you might question? Computers and hard drives can become infected by a virus, files get corrupted, you can knock a drink onto your computer and lose all the data, it can be stolen or a staff member can save/download your sensitive files via a pen drive.

This cannot happen to your data in the cloud as it’s encrypted in most cases, and requires you to log in.


What about internet? If it goes down then you are stuck!

It’s rare that the internet is down in this day and age. But, as a backup, I advise clients to always have a mobile modem on hand. These cost as little as $99–$300 a year to keep on hand if the rare event occurs. Just as you might have a generator in storage in the rare event that the power goes out.


Is the cloud just another gimmick, or is it here for the long term?

Over 15 years ago, people said that the internet was just a fad. Now, it’s used for everything and its popularity is growing exponentially. The cloud has been around for a long time, but its flexibility and availability is only now making it more popular.

Internationally, people are valuing the flexibility of saving their precious memories, sensitive files and backups online.

Okay, so what type of applications can I use on the cloud?

Let’s look at some of the advantages your business can gain from using cloud-based programmes.

  • Accounting—MYOB Essentials, QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho and Saasu, to name a few, all use the cloud to allow you to invoice (email immediately), check your bank balances, and record real-time purchases and transactions on the run.
  • Documents—Evernote has the flexibility to save your memos, notes, web pages, recordings and videos with ‘tag words’ so that you can type in a keyword and up jumps what you need to access immediately.

Live Training for Evernote 2015

The Cloud – Disruptive Technology?

You need to carefully consider decisions that will have an effect on your business, but there is so much to gain from using the cloud—weigh up the pros and cons today for yourself.

If you want to use the power on online accounting this 2017, contact us on 0423463721 or fill out our Say Hello form today!

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