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Amanda Hoffmann

Amanda Hoffmann

Amanda is a registered BAS Agent 18613005.

What does Amanda specialise in?

My Office Books specialises in cloud accounting. mobile, flexible technology that can be used anywhere, anytime.

This gives a business owner more freedom to complete data entry with the click of a photo from your smart phone or tablet.

Reconcile your bank account while waiting at a doctor’s surgery or email a tax invoice between jobs.

Bookkeeping is no longer just about tax compliance.

Amanda loves to educate you about how to read your financial reports, examine your cash flow and helping your business to be more productive and profitable.

Tradespeople and Property Investors are Amanda’s speciality!

Is My Office books a good fit for you and your business?

If you answered any of the above with a “yes”, then My Office Books is a good fit for you!
Training, Education and other services

My Office Books will help!

Contact Amanda on 0423 463 721 or fill out a contact form here for a FREE 30 minute consultation!



Jelena is our virtual bookkeeper and administration manager who works from Bosnia and sometimes from Bali .

She is Xero Certified and has over seven years of experience in Bookkeeping.

Jelena assists with the following duties:

Jelena is a valuable member of our team.

Faizal GandhiFaizal Gandhi My Office Books

Faizal Gandhi is a valued member of the My Office Books team.

Faizal has an eye for detail and is articulate when it comes to ensuring all figures and reports balance.

Faizal graduated university with a degree in accounting and is passionate about the Bookkeeping revolution of cloud accounting.

Her duties at My Office Books are as follows

My Office Books highly values the qualities and expertise that Faizal contributes to our team and most particularly for the benefit of our customers.



 Li Shan

Li is an outsourced virtual assistant who works for My Office Books to ensure the administrative day to day work is up to date.

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