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Amanda Hoffmann – BAS Agent

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Amanda has been in business for over twenty years and has operated her own Bas Agency now since 2008.

Amanda is competent in the following accounting software platforms


Myob & Myob Essentials

Quickbooks Online where she is also their Queensland Trainer.


Our Services

Xero | Myob Essentials | Quickbooks Online

Set me up online packages

Are you interested in the flexibility and mobility of cloud accounting, but not sure where to begin?

We can help you set up your account right the first time, upload your business information and even have it reconciled to date to eliminate any unnecessary stress.

Not only will you receive training so that you can feel confident and at ease using the program, we also give you a pdf of helpful links and reminders.

The package also includes free email support for two months giving you time to feel comfortable with the new system, with help just an email away.


Xero | Myob Essentials | Quickbooks Online Training Solutions

Amanda is highly skilled in assisting you to use and understand your numbers within the accounting program.  Not only will Amanda teach you the fundamentals needed, she can also provide you with support in specific areas where you may be unsure. All  the training is one on one either over Skype, Zoom or in her office. After the training you will be given a ebook, pdf checklists and three months of unlimited email support. Amanda loves cloud accounting, this enthusiasm will help you feel at ease and love cloud accounting as well.



Catching up on months to years of bookkeeping

RESCUE ME NOW PACKAGE – Paid upfront in 10 hour packages

You are months or years behind, frankly you are overwhelmed and do not know where to begin?

This is the package for you, give us all your receipts, invoice books, bank statements while we do the rest.

We set everything up in Quickbooks Online | Myob | Xero and reconcile it ready to submit your overdue Business Activity Statements and/or be accountant ready to lodge your tax returns. (Please note that business activity statements and annual tax lodgement is not included in this package.)

Can you feel the relief washing over you already?

We will even work with the Australian Taxation Office, if they are about to audit you, to ensure that they are provided with all the answers / paperwork they require.


Business Mentorship

Amanda has 20 years of working in the trade’s industry with running both a carpet cleaning / pest control business  and a Electrical Contracting business. Over the past two decades, she has experienced the ebbs and flows of owning / running a small business with up to ten employees. Amanda has also grown a multi-million dollar property portfolio. Through her unique set of experiences, skills and successful mindset, she is able to help you think outside of the box. Amanda will help you attain goals and share her experiences, processes, business strategies to help you leave your employee thinking to adapt the mindset of a business owner / entrepreneur. Amanda can help one on one or via a group giving you the support, encouragement, accountability and advice that you need.

Who does Amanda work with?


Amanda works with multi national businesses who primarily employ sub-contractors or franchisees. My role would be as a financial and business mentor to help them transform from a employee mindset to a business owner. A tailored package would be created to supply the support that your business and associates require.


Are you a micro or small business owner? Are you tired of working 70+ hours a week and feel like you are a hamster in a wheel? If you stated yes to both of those questions, Amanda is interested in working with you. She will offer you one on one to support to implement cloud based business solutions, outsource, implement social media strategies and keep you accountable to your goals.



We have a professional partnership with a tax accountant and we would work together to provide you with quarterly reporting, taxation advice and lodge your BAS | Tax returns.





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