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03 February

Myob Incite and Gus Balbontin

Attending a conference at times seems almost like a record playing over and over again at times.

  • Register
  • Put on your name tag
  • Grab your free cup of morning coffee (hoping it’s freshly ground)
  • As you wake up, gaze around the masses of the crowd for a familiar face or staff member
  • Make polite conversation
  • Find a seat
  • Check the schedule on your phone app
  • Prepare for the MC to introduce the event


Myob surprised us with a killer Sax and Jazz band who introduced the speakers instead of the usual Master of Ceremonies.

Well done Myob!


Myob started off with their keynote speaker Gus Balbontin from Lonely Planet.

I loved his mix of comedy, charisma mixed in with a serious message that all in the room need to heed.

Innovation is the key to success.

While Gus started off hilarious sharing a brief history of how he became associated with Lonely Planet, he also shared with us a timely message.

Adapt and innovate or perish in this fast paced technological world!


Gus further went on to add that Napstar changed the way we used music forever.

In the 90’s when having a cassette recorder was the “in” thing, he demonstrated how difficult it used to be to record our favorite music on a double cassette recorder.

On a serious note, Napstar signaled a tidal wave of change as the humble cassette recorder was replaced by better technology.

Small business and accounting professionals are also standing in front of a tidal wave of technological change that awaits us in the Financial / Accounting sector.


Gus went on to explain a very important message.

He demonstrated how Lonely Planet got it all wrong by focusing on selling books and trying to solve their own problems.

As they pondered their future, Trip Advisor popped up and started a platform that listened to the customer and solved the customer’s problems.

Trip Advisor became what it is today through providing the solutions that their customers needed.


FIX THE CUSTOMER PROBLEM is the secret of success. Lesson No.1 Be adaptable #myobincite #lonelyplanet

A video posted by My Office Books (@myofficebooks) on


How often do we call a client to let them know we are stuck in traffic.

We fixate on complaining on how thick and difficult the traffic is, forgetting one very important point…..YOU ARE THE TRAFFIC.

That’s right, you are part of the problem.

Instead of focusing on the problem and making excuses. Become part of the solution!

We need to focus on the the customer’s problem and provide solutions!


In conclusion to his talk, Gus left us with three very timely pieces of wisdom.

“The story of the tortiose and the hare is not that slowly and steady wins the race. It’s don’t be lazy and arrogant and slack off!” @thewieldworld

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Nigel Upton


Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas!


“I said somebody should do something about that….. Then realised I am somebody!” Lily Tomlin



If you want your bookkeeping pain removed, my team and I are part of your solution.

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Amanda Hoffmann is a registered BAS Agent No.18613005, Associate of Finance, Xero Certified, Myob Essentials and Quickbooks partner.

She says she is more than just a bookkeeper with experience in real estate investing, social media, podcasting and blogging.

Amanda loves to teach smart, easy online cloud solutions and can show you how much fun bookkeeping can be. Follow her on social media and say “Hi”

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