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17 June

Choosing the Right Bookkeeper for you

When deciding to choose a bookkeeper, it is not a decision you should rush nor should price be the main consideration.

Here are my top five tips to finding the right BAS Agent for your small business

  • Are they a registered BAS Agent ?


This is a very important consideration when deciding on a sub-contract bookkeeper.

As a registered BAS Agent, they are required to keep up to date with training and remain current with tax changes.


  • What experience do they have in your industry ?

You will want to ensure that they have experience in your specific industry. Why is this so important?

They need to know the tax rules and also be able to operate straight away with less industry related training.

For example, if you are a chiropractor their services do not attract GST although they may be registered for GST.


  • Are you a member of a bookkeeping association?

A good bookkeeper ensures that they keep up to date with changes in the regulations.

If they are a member of a bookkeeping or an accountancy association they have regular training and are kept up to date which will benefit you and your business.


  • Can you help me grow and develop my business?

Compliance is becoming more automated and technology allows for increased productivity.

As a business owner, you should ask your bookkeeper to provide you with more than just keeping your books.

A good bookkeeper can help you reduce your overheads, help you understand your financial reports and provide advice on how you can improve your business performance.


  • How do you charge for your services?

There are many options that bookkeepers charge.

By the hour, by the month or depending on what tasks you require them to perform.

Some bookkeepers will charge you a fixed fee for their services, software and any add ons they recommend.

These should all be clearly stated in a Letter of Engagement to ensure no misunderstandings or unexpected fees.


Lastly, will the bookkeeper be a good fit for your business culture and outlook?

If you are a open, enthusiastic and animated entrepreneur, employing a quiet, brisk and dismissive personality might not work for you.

Alternatively, if you are a quiet, efficient and detail orientated person, employing a talkative, bubbly and outspoken bookkeeper may grate on your nerves.

Both will do a fantastic job on accuracy, time management, reporting and working with your accountant.

However, if you do not have a good synergy with your bookkeeper, you are unlikely to open up and have in-depth discussions on important areas that you want to know more about.

I hope these points help you decide on the best bookkeeper for your business.

If you feel My Office Books would be a great fit for your trade/service based business, please contact myself on 0423463721 or follow me on social media.

Amanda Hoffmann is a registered BAS Agent No.18613005, Associate of Finance, Xero Certified, Myob Essentials and Quickbooks partner.

She says she is more than just a bookkeeper with experience in real estate investing, social media, podcasting and blogging.

Amanda loves to teach and that is why she can encourages you to use Xero, QBO or Myob Essentials with your own day to day bookkeeping.

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