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31 August

Social Media and Facebook Analytics

While many small business owners accept that having an online presence with social media is now a necessity, they are still very confused as to how to have one?

Before you can even begin an effective social media presence, you first need to know who your ideal customer is and what their problems are that you solve.

Do you know both the answers above?

If you do not know your ideal customer, how are you going to attract them in the first place and then write or share content that they want to follow.

That’s where knowing what keeps them up at night or frustrates them gives you clues as to your content.

Your content will show case your products and/or services to present a practical solution that will leave your audience wanting more.


What’s On 4 Kids

I presented the attached presentation, called Social Media Mavericks and Analytics on a Shoe String.

The presentation goes for  24 minutes taking you step by step to formulate a social media strategy on Facebook.

You will learn the following points:

Who is your Ideal Customer

Create three main ideas that will flow onto all you do on social media

Where do most of your customers lurk online if you are in business?

Where to find and how to interpret Facebook Analytics

Interesting statistics about the five main social media platforms

I hope that you find this information practical for both yourself and your business.

If you would like to know more about developing a social media strategy or establishing your own business blog, please contact me via my Say Hello .

Or you can click over to my personal social media podcast on my website where I talk about LinkedIn and Twitter also.

Alternatively, feel welcome to comment and ask questions below.


Amanda Hoffmann is a registered BAS Agent No.18613005, Associate of Finance, Xero Certified, Myob Essentials and Quickbooks partner.

She says she is more than just a bookkeeper with experience in real estate investing, social media, podcasting and blogging.

Amanda loves to teach smart, easy online cloud solutions and can show you how much fun bookkeeping can be. Follow her on social media and say “Hi”

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Social Media Mavericks and Analytics on a Shoe String

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