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12 August

Busy is a State of Mind

Are you finding that you just don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything in your business?

You are not alone!

Time Poverty or the mental perception of time-scarcity has become an epidemic not just here in Australia, but in many wealthy countries.

Although we have many time saving appliances, online apps and technological wizardry, our time has become our most valuable commodity.


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Life dictated by the clock

Notice that I made a comment about ‘perception’ being the problem?

The AWALI 2014 National Report by the University of South Australia stated on Page 17 of their report

In 2014, just under half of full-time men (48.5 per cent) and just over 60 per cent of full-time women (63.1 per cent) report frequent time pressure.

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Busy is a State of Mind

Xero Gravity have just interviewed Timothy Kitching of The KONA Group, where he states scarcity is a mindset issue. Timothy further explains that balancing time can be a skill that you can be taught, changing your perception to become more balanced.

You can here the podcast yourself by clicking on the link below

Episode #59: Busy is a state of mind, not a state of being.


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My top 10 Tips to change your perception of time

  1. Record your existing schedule, your thoughts, who you spoke to and all your activities for the week both work and personal. Then take the time to reflect on what was productive and what was unproductive.
  2. Prioritize any activity or conversation that is important and allocate time.
  3. Delegate all non-existential activities where someone else can easily do it for you. As entrepreneurs we falsely believe we need to do it all. We don’t! Use sites like; If you want to know how to outsource listen to this podcast episode How to Outsource to Freelancers
  4. Schedule time solely for thinking activities and conversations where you see produce the best results.
  5. Schedule and be prepared for interruptions.
  6. Take 5 minutes before each call to write a list of all the things you want to achieve during that call. Then take some time afterwards to reflect if you were successful and if not, why?
  7. Disconnect all your distractions that kill your productivity. Turn off your phone, block Facebook and other social media platform and ignore emails.
  8. Automate your email process with set times you handle email and educate your customers / staff about this rule.
  9. Treat family, friends and leisure time as you would your business. Schedule time for all these activities with the discipline to follow through.
  10. Remember the 20/80 rule that twenty percent will return 80 percent of productivity when you priorities effectively. Be disciplined, dedicated and remember you cannot do everything!

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Amanda Hoffmann is a registered BAS Agent No.18613005, Associate of Finance, Xero Certified, Myob Essentials and Quickbooks partner.

She says she is more than just a bookkeeper with experience in real estate investing, social media, podcasting and blogging.

Amanda loves to teach smart, easy online cloud solutions and can show you how much fun bookkeeping can be. Follow her on social media and say “Hi”

2 thoughts on “Busy is a State of Mind

  1. Tax King Inc says:

    Hi Amanda Hoffmann!

    Thanks for writing use full tips to manage time. Lot of business owner use and for outsourcing. But many not use these sites. They hired permanent freelancers and then outsources it

    1. Hi Tax King, we love outsourcing and believe it’s a smart way and financially affordable for small businesses to be more productive. Glad you enjoyed the article.

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